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Category Management Policy 16-1


The Office of Management and Budget is accepting public comment on draft guidance to improve the acquisition and management of enterprise software. This policy is the second in a series of category management policies to drive greater performance, efficiencies, and savings in commonly-purchased information technology goods and services. The first memo in the series, M-16-02, addressed the acquisition of laptops and desktops.

The public comment period has ended. Thank you for your comments. The proposed guidance is now open for public comment on this page. The public feedback period will be 30 days, starting on December 21, 2015, and closing on January 20, 2016. Following the public feedback period, OMB will analyze all submitted feedback and revise the policy as necessary.

Instructions for Public Comment

You may provide feedback in three ways:

  1. Content suggestions and discussions are welcome via GitHub “issues.” Each issue is a conversation initiated by a member of the public. We encourage you to browse and join in on discussions in existing issues, or start a new conversation by opening a new issue.
  2. Direct changes and line edits to the content may be submitted through a "pull request" by clicking "Edit this page". You do not need to install any software to suggest a change. You can use GitHub's in-browser editor to edit files and submit a pull request for your changes to be merged into the document. Directions on how to submit a pull request can be found here. Open pull requests for the proposed guidance can be found here.
  3. Send your content suggestions or proposed revisions to the OMB Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer via email to ofcio@omb.eop.gov. Please note that all comments received will be posted publicly on this page.