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Category Management Policy 16-1

Appendix A

Enterprise Software Category Team: Roles and Responsibilities

A. Develop, implement, and maintain a governmentwide strategic plan for software license acquisition that reduces the total cost of ownership, minimizes risks, improves supplier and operational performance, boosts innovation, and increases software license spend under management. At a minimum, the plan will:

i. establish the best-in-class criteria standards for populating content in the software category hallways on the Acquisition Gateway;
ii. standardize data collection efforts to help establish and track category performance metrics;
iii. for software not yet under an enterprise software agreement, the ESCT will determine which existing solutions are best-in-class and encourage or mandate use; and
iv. develop a new business case process for agencies to request agreements outside of the enterprise software agreements established under this effort.

B. Develop, prioritize, and manage the opportunities for pursuing enterprise software agreements, including, but not limited to the following actions:

i. The ESCT will appoint executive agents to develop and manage enterprise software agreements and other solutions, with a preference for using select existing software license acquisition vehicles if and when they meet best-in-class criteria.
ii. The ESCT will evaluate success of software solutions based on established key performance metrics.
iii. The ESCT has the authority to approve/deny agency requests for establishing agreements outside of enterprise software agreements developed under this effort.

C. Recommend acquisition and demand management strategies to OFCIO and OFPP for dissemination through OMB guidance.

D. Serve as key liaison between the software industry partners and the Federal Government.

E. Advocate in the CIO, Chief Acquisition Officer, and Chief Financial Officer communities for the adoption of enterprise software agreements and other best-in-class software license acquisition solutions.