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Category Management Policy 16-1

Appendix B

Summary of Deadlines and Requirements

Immediately 30 Days 90 - 120 Days Feb. 28, 2016 180 Days and Beyond
CFO Act Agencies - Forbid terms and conditions that prohibit the sharing of all prices, terms, and conditions with other government entities. - Provide to OMB the name and contact number of the agency's software manager. - Submit agency centralization plans to OMB. - Leverage CDM and CMaaS to manage inventory and usage (within 6 months). - Beginning May 31, 2016, and each year thereafter, provide an annual report of software license inventory. - CFO Act Agencies: Identify obstacles to software asset management that are beyond an agency's control to the CIO council. CIOC will review obstacles reported by agency CIOs and recommend corrective action to the ESCT.
ESCT - Executive agents of governmentwide software agreements post and maintain pricing and terms and conditions on the Acquisition Gateway (90 days). - Post on the Acquisition Gateway a new business case review process (90 days). - Publish guidance on the Acquisition Gateway identifying best-in-class software licensing agreements and best practices, including terms and conditions, for use in agency-level agreements (120 days). - By August 31, 2016, Publish software inventory reporting requirements and template to max.omb.gov - By the end of FY 2016, pilot new funding mechanisms and license aggregation tools.
GSA - Begin work to create a capability that provides asset inventory/ management services and software license management tools. - Provide guidance on posting and maintaining pricing and terms and conditions on the Acquisition Gateway. - By the end of 2016 and 2017, put in place two new enterprise software agreements, and additional agreements thereafter as identified by the ESCT.
OMB - Establish metrics and targets to increase savings and reduce duplication. - Collect the list of agency software managers. -Beginning in fiscal year 2017, the government will gain visibility into the agency-reported governmentwide spend on software licenses, which shall be posted to the Acquisition Gateway