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Category Management Policy 16-1

Government Wide Strategies

Governmentwide Strategies – New Solutions for Common Software Acquisition and Management

Section 837 of FITARA requires the General Services Administration (GSA)13 to establish an enterprise software program, on behalf of the agencies, to reduce life cycle cost and improve asset management practices. In support of this important requirement, the Category Management Leadership Council, formerly known as the Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council, established the Enterprise Software Category Team (ESCT), led by OMB, the Department of Defense (DoD) and GSA, to serve as the category management lead for the IT software subcategory. The ESCT, a team of senior IT and acquisition executives, is charged with supporting the development and implementation of a governmentwide strategic software management plan to increase the number of enterprise software agreements,14 recommending policy changes to improve the acquisition and management of software, and monitoring agency progress (see Attachment A for roles and responsibilities). Specifically, the ESCT will:

1) Identify and promote existing best-in-class agreements. In order to better leverage existing agreements that reflect best-in-class practices, the ESCT shall evaluate, for approval and endorsement for governmentwide use, the software agreements maintained by GSA's Software Center of Excellence program, DoD's Enterprise Software Initiative, and any other agency agreements identified by the ESCT. Where obstacles to accomplishing this aggregation are beyond the agency's control, these should be reported to the CIO Council for review. Where management guidance or other action is seen as needed to facilitate the desired aggregation, the CIO Council will recommend these to the ESCT for action.

  • Within 90 days of issuance of this policy, executive agents of governmentwide software agreements shall post and maintain pricing and terms and conditions on the Acquisition Gateway15

  • Within 120 days, the ESCT shall publish initial guidance on the Acquisition Gateway identifying best-in-class software licensing agreements and best practices, including standard terms and conditions to improve the government's negotiation posture with respect to pricing and/or other quality considerations, for use in agency-level agreements, and OMB will encourage or direct use of best-in-class existing software agreements. The guidance should be evaluated annually and revised as necessary.

2) Develop new governmentwide Enterprise Software Agreements and reduce redundancy. The ESCT shall support GSA and OMB to establish and mandate new governmentwide enterprise software agreements. At least two new enterprise software agreements will be in place by the end of calendar years 2016 and 2017; the ESCT will establish bi-annual targets thereafter. To move agencies away from issuing redundant contracts, within 90 days, the ESCT shall post on the Acquisition Gateway a new business case review process that agencies will be required to use when acquiring software that would overlap with software covered by any of these enterprise software agreements.

As a result of these efforts, beginning in fiscal year 2017, the Government will gain visibility into the agency-reported governmentwide spend on software licenses, which shall be posted to the Acquisition Gateway to further assist in the creation of new enterprise software agreements and other tools.

Improving our IT commodity acquisition and management practices is a critical step in the implementation of FITARA and improving the value to the taxpayers. The actions described above will reduce duplication, improve pricing and better leverage the Government's vast buying power. Beginning in fiscal year 2016, OMB will establish metrics and targets to monitor savings and the reduction in duplication over time, and agencies will be held accountable for accurate reporting through the established Capital Planning and Investment Control and PortfolioStat processes.

If you have further questions, please contact Meredith Romley in OMB’s Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) on (202) 395-4644 or mromley@omb.eop.gov, or Paul Oliver in OMB’s Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (OFCIO) on (202) 395-0372 poliver@omb.eop.gov.


  • 13 Under Section 837 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2015, the Administrator of GSA “shall identify and develop a strategic sourcing initiative to enhance Governmentwide acquisition, shared use, and dissemination of software, as well as compliance with end user license agreements.”; https://www.congress.gov/113/plaws/publ291/PLAW-113publ291.pdf#page=148
  • 14 For the purposes of this Memorandum, enterprise software agreements include governmentwide enterprise software licenses and governmentwide blanket purchase agreements.
  • 15 https://hallways.cap.gsa.gov/